Our Story

It happened suddenly. Our business went from thriving and optimistic to free fall, seemingly overnight.
Our 'normal' weeks take place in the world of events, full with custom photo experiences and selfie stands. We're a 2019 Inc 500 Company, serving weddings and music festivals and holiday parties and conferences up and down the West Coast and across the US. 
Then poof. COVID-19 and the measures local governments needed to take to prevent its spread took almost every one of our events off the table for the next 3 months. 
How many small businesses have had a similar story in the last season? Just replace "events" with "customers" depending on the type of business, and you've captured the sudden drop-off experienced in the last few weeks by so many. 
On March 16th, we brought our team together and started working through ideas we believed we could execute well and would keep us 'above water.' As we thought about our own situation, the similar plight of so many small businesses in our area weighed heavy on us. Our core value of Care, states that we believe serving others is more important than self. How could we help out our small business community, as well as support our own team during this uncertain time? 
We landed on Keep Your City Smiling, and we did something we're really good at-- getting to work, fast.
We really want our company to be around when ‘live' events come back. We are very fortunate to have an amazing team, with a diverse base of experience and skill including shipping and logistics, customer service, web development, and design.  This is a way we can keep our team employed, help other struggling businesses, and brush up on our ‘hustle’ skills in the process. 
We hope, deeply, that the economic fallout affecting small businesses is a 'speed-bump' we can all get over together without bottoming out. To that end, this is one of our attempts to overcome our current situation, helping our fellow entrepreneurs along the way. As a company, we will keep working to keep The SnapBar alive, our team motivated, and as many entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners and teams working to see another day!